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Quick Commands

The number 000000 is a color, u may choose any numbers to replace these like 003300, or 669966                                                                              

* means the commanded doesnt have to have an end
<Html> Starts a HTML page
<Head> Starts the heading of a page
<Title> Starts title, titles appear in the blue bar on the top of the window, when you enter your page
<Body> Starts the main body of the page
<Body Bgcolor ="000000"> changes background color
<Body text ="000000"> changes text color
<Body link="000000"> changes link colors
<Body vlink="000000"> changes the color of links already visited
<Center> centers text
<P>* Skips a line
<BR>* Starts a new line
<Img Src="???????"> Creates a picture, the location of the picture should replace the ????????
<A Href ="???????">Click Me</A>* Cheats a link, the location of the destination shoud replace the ???????? 
<HR> Makes a bar
<H?> Enlarges/Decreases text size, put a number from 1-7 in place of the ?.
<Table Border> Starts table
<TR> Table row
<TD> Table data
<TH> Table heading
</TABLE> How you end a table

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