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Paintball guns

Model 1450 Rainmaker™

Length 16.8" • Weight 4 lbs. 3 oz.

***Electronically Controlled Ultra-High Performance Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun.
***CO2 powered - also operates with Nitrogen or Compressed Air.
***Ultralight electronically actuated; capable of up to 14 shots per second.

Model 1440/1441 Raptor

Length 20.5" Weight 3.6 lbs.

***.68 caliber semi-automatic tournament grade paintball gun.
***Aerospace grade aluminum alloy receiver with anodized finish.
***Triple sight rails.
***Vertical front bottle attachment.
***"self locking" velocity adjustment and powerfeed.
***Hunter Green with black lower receiver.
***Standard 3/8" dovetail sight mount on top and sides for point sight attachment.
***CO2, compressed air or nitrogen.
***Vertical front bottle attachment for compact handling.
***Field strips quickly.
***Cocking handle doubles as a connecting pin remover.
***Accepts standard after market grip covers for government model .45s.
***Drilled and tapped for "Duckbill" bottom line.
***Takes a standard 3/16" Allen wrench to adjust velocity.
***Easily fires 7+ shots per second.
***Powerfeed assists gravity in feeding enough balls to keep up with trigger pulls.

Eagle .68

Length is 12.25" • Weight 1.1 lbs.

***High impact polymer.
***Able to withstand any feild condition.

Stingray™ II

Length 22.75"Weight 2.6 lbs.

***Virtually indestructable
***Balanced for a steady aim and a perfect shot
***The Stingray can be assembled and disassembled without tools
***Dovetail mount for scope or pointsight

Tiger Shark™

Length 17.25"Weight 1.8 lbs.

***Pump gun.
***High impact polymer construction.
***Reliable performance.
***Dovetail mount for scope or pointsight.


***Polymer-encased 12 gm. CO2 powered pump gun.
***Good price
***Comes with muzzle plug and a 10-round feed tube.
***Standard 3/8" dovetail sight mount on receiver top; accepts point sight attachment.

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