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Offering - Homepage help, HTML help, Advertising help, Backgrounds, META tags, and a funny section.

This site helps with homepages. The homepage help in this page includes a beginer section which helps with first-time builders. Another homepage help i put in this page are most of the HTML commands. It takes you through everything, from Links to Blinks. This page's homepage help also includes meta tags which help you get visitors to your page. I also have no problem if you copy the source code of this page to see what it looks like which might help you with HTML. You have to watch out though, the JavaScript might confuse you when you view the source. To visit a section of Homepage Tools all you have to do is click on the red text to visit that area of the homepage help. This site should be explored really well because it has lots of homepage help. Even if you don't need help this page will improve the quality of your own page. At the bottom of the page i included a link to a funny section of my site. Even know the funny section has nothing to do with HTML help, it is constructed very simple and can help with HTML if you view the source by right clicking on the page and then clicking view source. You can also get backgrounds for your hompage, and your computer's background.

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HTML building for begginers

   This is the code that Websites are made of. This link takes you through how to build in HTML, made for begginers.

Quick commands for HTML

  This link just shows you a lot of HTML commands. Just what homepage builders are looking for!

Meta Tag Generator

  Ok, so you have a homepage. Now you need people to visit it. This meta tag generator will help you. Just type in your info, then cut and paste it into your homepage, and watch the visitors come rolling in!

Make $$$

  So, you have a great homepage and people rolling in. Now what? This link will take you to a  banner selection, where you will choose your banner and every time someone clicks it you get 20 cents!!! for doing nothing!!!

Background Palace

  Not a must, but maybe you would like a background for your page.

Funny Zone

This link takes you to a page with a couple of funny links... Hey when your busy building your webpage, you need to take a break sometimes.

If you would like to have an advertisement like this on you page click here, and you will make money!!! for doing absolutely nothing!!!

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