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The Funny Zone
Annoying things  Annoying things from everyday life!
Funny bathroom pranks  Funny things to do in a public restroom!
Bad blind date?  Have a bad blinde date? These are funny things to do to get rid of them!
Funny blonde jokes  What can i say? The famous blonde jokes!
At college to long?  These are funny ways to tell if you have been at college to long!
Redneck driver application  A very funny Car Driving application for a redneck!
Funny elevator pranks  Funny things to do in a public elevator!
Funny french translator  You pick the words you want to say and this machine tells you how to say it in french!
Just funny jokes  Just plain old jokes!
A funny redneck letter  A funny redneck letter from a parent to her son!
A funny story about a bathroom  This is a REALLY funny story about a preist who mixes a bathroom with a church!
You might be a redneck if...  About 300 jokes to tell if you are a redneck or not!
Pranks made for a pizza delivery boy  A lot of funny pranks to pull on the pizza delivery guy!
Short, weird facts  A bunch of weird facts! Most of these i did not know and amazed me when i read them.
Stories about weird events  A bunch of stories on weird events!

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