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This section will tell you how to make a homepage, it is very long and it is for BEGGINERS. I have provided a section with just the codes and what they do for people who know how to use html code but just want to learn how to do various things. If you would like to go to that section

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For starters, here is the basic code

This is what you place the commands Here is what the commands mean






<HTML>  Starts your page 

<HEAD> Starts your heading section

</HEAD> Ends your heading section

<BODY> Starts your body section

</BODY> Ends your body section

</HTML> Ends your page

The words with <       > around them are commands, and will not show up on your page. Every command has to have an end to it </     >, with some exceptions. When you dont have <     > around the words, they will show up as text.

When you type the following in This will show up
Hello Hello
<He>llo llo

Here is an example of a short page






This is my body, i put mostly everything in this section. Pictures, Links, and other things.



  Now I will explain how to enlarge text... the basic command to enlarge text is <H1>. Depending on how big you want your text, you can change the number. <H1> is the biggest then it gets smaller to <H2> and goes on to <H7>. You can also make the text bold and italic with <B> and <I>





<B>Zebra</B> Zebra
<I>Moose</I> Moose

To end a line you type <BR> and to start a new paragraph or skip a large space you use <P>. For both of these, you do not have to end them.

Now that i have talked about the text, i will talk about harder things. The first thing is a divider, it is a long bar that divides my page and is right above this paragraph. The code for that is <HR>. To create links you type;

<A HREF="???????????????">

You subsitute the ???????????? for the address, for example

<A HREF="">

takes me to my homepage.

This completes the begginers section, if you would like to learn more, you should visit the intermediate section Intermediate Homepage making

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